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Camera Package

Capture cinematic images with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro camera rental, in lossless RAW at 4.6k resolution. Whether you are looking for a camera for narrative or commercial video production, the Blackmagic Design cinema cameras are the perfect balance of a great image with a reasonable price.

Camera Bodies

1  Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro

1  Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4


5 Blueshape Vmount Batteries

1 Atomos Ninja Flame 7' HDMI/SDI recorder monitor

1 Osee 7" 3000 NIT SDI Monitor

1 Cinegear Ghost HDMI/SDI transmitter and receiver

1 Tilta Nucleus Nano wireless follow focus


Zeiss package -with Duclos Cine-mod (cine-gear and declicked aperture)

1  25mm Distagon ZF.2 f/2.8 

1  35mm Distagon ZF.2 f/2.0 

1  50mm Planar ZF.2 f/1.4 

1  85mm Planar ZF.2 f/1.4 

1  100mm Distagon ZF.2 f/2.0 

1  Tokina EF 11-16mm f/2.8


Support Gear

1 Cartoni Lazer 100mm bowl with Cartoni Legs

1 Easyrig Minimax

1  Manfrotto Tripod – 3246 legs with 503 head

1  3-Legged Thing Tripod with Manfrotto 701HDV Head

2  Manfrotto 7322YB-BB with Ball Head

1  Zacuto Z-Finder

1  Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount DSLR Support

1  Redrock Micro Blue Follow Focus

1  Tiffen Pro Water White HV Filter Set

1  Cinevate on-lens Matte Box with Filters (ND, Black Frost, Frost)

1  Metabones Speed Booster – MFT to Nikon F (ZF.2)

1  Fotodiox Adapter – MFT to EF

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